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Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars offers an ultimate delight for the senses: a sweet treat of fragrant vanilla bean ice cream covered in a luscious milk chocolate shell.

Made with Belgian chocolate, these ice cream bars are created by Magnum Ice Cream, the chocolatiers of ice cream. Each Magnum ice cream bar features a complete symphony of pleasure for your mouth and your mind. This Magnum milk chocolate ice cream bar is made with 100% Canadian Dairy and made with unsweetened Belgian chocolate derived from Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa.

Belgian chocolate has an outstanding reputation for its smooth, rich flavour and tempting chocolate aroma. It's recognized around the world because of its meticulous adherence to "Old World" craftsmanship. Magnum ice cream bars are crafted in this rich heritage and are made with a signature Belgian chocolate recipe developed specifically for us. While still warm, this delicious coating wraps around our velvety ice creams, instantly cooling to leave our signature solid, thick shell – ready and waiting to be cracked. 

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