Our Pledge

The Breyers® Pledge

We Always Start with High Quality Ingredients

At Breyers®, we always start with only high quality ingredients.

All Canadian Dairy

All Canadian Dairy

Naturally Sourced Colours & Flavours

Naturally Sourced
Colours & Flavours

Sustainable Fruit* & Vanilla

Sustainable Fruit* &

All Canadian Dairy

We only use milk and cream from Canadian cows which, like all Canadian dairy, is antibiotic and hormone free.*

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All Canadian Dairy

Natural Sourced

Colours and Flavours

The colours and flavours in our products come from natural sources.

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Natural Sourced

Sustainably Farmed

Fruit** & Vanilla

Every speck of vanilla that goes into our products is 100% sustainable. We work with the Rainforest Alliance and others to ensure our vanilla comes from sustainable farms in Madagascar. 100% of our fruit is sustainably farmed.

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