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Proudly Made in Canada since 1990  

Henry Breyer (Who Created Breyers CROP)

Who We Are

In 1866, during the wake of the American Civil War, William A. Breyer of Philadelphia hand-cranked his first gallon of ice cream using some of the same ingredients we use today—rich cream, pure cane sugar and nuts. He sold his ice cream to his neighbors with the promise that it was created with the finest ingredients. Word spread quickly, and Breyer’s ice cream was soon declared to be Philadelphia’s best.

Since the 1990’s, Breyers has been proudly made for Canadian consumers in Simcoe, ON., starting with high-quality ingredients and all Canadian dairy. 

The Rich History of Breyers®


William A. Breyer of Philadelphia hand-cranked his first gallon of ice cream created with the finest ingredients—some of the very same that we use today.


Breyer opened his first ice cream shop, quickly followed by four more. He continued to make his own recipe by hand and delivered it across the Philadelphia in a horse-drawn wagon.


30 years after William A. Breyer hand-cranked his first gallon of ice cream, the Breyer family opened their first wholesale manufacturing center. William’s son, Henry, incorporated the business in soon after, carrying on his father’s commitment to high quality ice cream. 


Ten years later, Breyers® Ice Cream Company was making more than one million gallons of ice cream every year, shipping it across the northeast from New York City to Washington D.C.


The Breyers® Ice Cream Company was bought by Unilever® from Kraft®, becoming a part of the Gold Bond-Good Humor Ice Cream Company, which was renamed to the Good Humor-Breyers® Ice Cream Company. 

In the 1990’s Breyers® was introduced to Canadian consumers, sharing delicious recipes that Americans have loved since 1866.  All of our products for Canadian consumers continue to be made in Simcoe, Ontario, proudly using local milk and cream.


Breyers® created our pledge as an homage to the standard set by our founder: to start with only high quality ingredients, like colours and flavours from natural sources, sustainably farmed vanilla and all Canadian Dairy .

We Are Committed to Using High Quality Ingredients

At Breyers®, we start with high quality ingredients like all Canadian Dairy and sustainably farmed vanilla.

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