More is More with Magnum Ice Cream

For Magnum ice cream, indulgence has always been at the heart of who we are. We encourage you to never minimize your happiness or feel embarrassed for showing the world who you truly are and what you truly want.

We stand for velvety vanilla ice cream, the most gooey sauces, and cracking chocolate. We believe you should never settle for less. Because when it comes to self-expression, indulgence, and chocolate, More is More.

  • Discover Magnum Double Caramel

    Vanilla ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating and a layer of caramel sauce, wrapped in exquisite milk chocolate.

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  • Discover Magnum Duets

    Magnum Duets are the first ice cream bar to be dipped in two different types of chocolate. As the chocolatiers of icecream, Magnum ice cream uses only the highest quality ingredients and every Duet cracking shell is made with Belgium chocolate. Indulge in three flavors: Almond Duet, Chocolate Duet, Cookie Duet and enjoy twice the indulgence and chocolate in every bite.

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