All Ice Cream Bars

Explore our delicious range of Belgian chocolate covered ice cream bars.
What could be better than rich, creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a cracking shell of milk chocolate made with cacao?
With 17 flavors of Magnum classic, double, mini, duet and non-dairy chocolate ice cream bars to choose from, Magnum ice cream bars are the perfect snackable chocolate ice cream bar dessert.

Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

Magnum Classics are the perfect balance of thick cracking chocolate and velvety smooth vanilla ice cream.

Magnum Double Ice Cream Bars

Magnum offers twice the chocolate indulgence with our double ice cream bars. With two layers of chocolate and a layer of rich caramel, raspberry or chocolate sauce, our double ice cream bars are a dessert unlike any other.

Made with cacao and made with Belgian chocolate.

Magnum Duet Ice Cream Bars

Magnum Duets are the first ice cream bar to be dipped in two different types of chocolate. As the chocolatiers of ice cream, Magnum ice cream uses only the highest quality ingredients and every Duet cracking shell is made with Belgium chocolate. Indulge in three unique flavors: Almond Duet, Chocolate Duet, and Cookie Duet and enjoy twice the indulgence and chocolate in every bite.

Magnum Mini Ice Cream Bars

Magnum Mini ice cream bars are the perfect mini dessert! Enjoy our rich chocolate flavors of Magnum Ice Cream in a small, snackable size. Our mini ice cream bars have 170 calories or fewer and are made with Belgian chocolate.

Magnum Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Bars

Indulge in chocolate without dairy! Magnum Non-Dairy bars deliver the decadence you love and expect from Magnum ice cream but in a Non-Dairy treat. Made with Belgian chocolate and a rich, creamy base, our Non-Dairy frozen desserts bring indulgence to the ice cream aisle.